Internet Trademarks and Domain Name Legal Bibliography by Eric Goldman

Internet Trademarks and Domain Name Legal Bibliography

by Eric Schlachter, Esq.


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California SB Bill 1533 (introduced February 14, 1996) (pending legislation which makes the unauthorized use of a trademark over the Internet an act of unfair competition and is grounds for injunction, $1,000 in damages and attorney’s fees.  The sysop may also remove infringing marks if based on good faith and in reliance upon credible information).


This Bibliography is prepared by Eric Schlachter, Esq.  Eric Schlachter is an attorney practicing in cyberspace law with the Silicon Valley law firm of Cooley Godward Castro Huddleson & Tatum.  He has a law degree and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Finance from UCLA.  He is an adjunct professor of Cyberspace Law at the University of San Francisco School of Law.  He can be reached at or (415) 843-5154.

Revised March 29, 1996.