Web Hosting Issues Handout by Eric Goldman

Web Hosting Issues
By Eric Goldman
Cooley Godward LLP

1.                  WHAT IS HOSTING?

  • Collocation (bandwidth + server oversight)
  • Hosting (server + collocation + other services)
  • Co-Branding (extending the boundaries of the website to third party pages)
  • Service Outsourcing (third party providing functionality under branding)

2.                  SERVICE LEVELS.

  • Server Response Time
  • Bandwidth Throughput Capacity
  • Server Uptime
  • System Redundancy/Service Restoration
  • Security

3.                  WEBSITE DATA.

  • Collocation/Hosting:
    • Maintaining trade secrets
    • Delivery and analysis of data
  • Co-branding/Service Outsourcing: “Ownership” of Data
    • “Joint Ownership”—what does this mean?
    • Describing rights to use data

4.                  OTHER ISSUES.

  • Termination and transition to new provider
  • Sysop liability