A Faculty Member’s Perspective on the Golden Leagle by Eric Goldman

A Faculty Member’s Perspective on the Golden Leagle

By Eric Goldman

In this digital era, it may seem quaintly anachronistic to launch a monthly newspaper printed on dead trees.  But newspapers still play a vital role in the communities they serve, and I believe that will be the case here as well.  The law school community operates over 13 hours a day, at least 5 days a week, in day and evening shifts, with educational programs spread throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and beyond.  With students constantly running between classes, jobs, clinical programs and social activities, the word-of-mouth grapevine cannot keep everyone adequately informed.  This newspaper should fill that void.

More importantly, this newspaper should provide a forum for students to talk amongst yourselves.  This is a student newspaper, run by and written for students.  The law school building lacks a physical space for students to stand before your peers and advocate your views, but this newspaper creates a virtual place to do so.  You now have a platform to be heard by your peers.  Speak up!

The editorial board and writers have worked hard to take this newspaper from conception to fruition.  I commend their efforts and accomplishments, and you should too.  Then, you should join them and contribute your talents to support this new community resource.  Your commitment will dictate its success.  It is your newspaper.